"How eco-friendly is your store?" Pretty darn friendly!

We recently came across an article in a trade publication titled "The New Normal: How eco-friendly is your store?"  The article consisted of a brief survey of industry professionals. We perused through and saw some great ideas on places to improve (paperless back office and solar roof panels), but mostly found a great reminder that we've been moving in the right direction here at A.M.S.

  • Use fair trade diamonds/gems -- check! (for more on World Diamond Council, click here)
  • Low-energy lighting -- check! (LEDs everywhere possible)
  • Use recycled materials -- check! (for more on our Harmony Program, click here)
  • Actively support local environmental causes -- check! (look for Chris each summer at the local gardens and Wild Root meetings)

The jewelry industry has been making some great strides and we're happy to be on board! Our goal is to make your jewelry buying experience as satisfying as possible, and we believe that ethical material sourcing is a big part of that.