The Custom Design Process

At Art Metals Studio, our custom jewelry process is simple and easy. We start by working with you to pick out a gemstone from our amazing collection or use a gemstone that you brought with you. From there, we develop original sketches based on our conversations. We then create a 3-D wax model of the sketches. Once we receive your approval, we transform the 3-D wax model into your custom-designed piece that is ready to wear! 


1. Gemstone Selection

Choose from our amazing collection or bring one in to discuss design.


2. Drawings

Original sketches developed based on conversations. 


3. Wax Model

3-D model of sketched design used for approval to craft your piece. 


4. Finished Piece

Your custom-designed piece is created and is ready to wear!

Sample of creation process: rough casting, stone setting, near finished and finished piece