Preparing for the AMS Fall Gemstone Event, October 19th-21st

Our annual Gemstone event is coming up October 19th-21st, and here's what you need to know:

  • 30% off ALL loose Gems ALL weekend long (including all loose Diamonds, Pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, as well as Gemstone necklace strands)
  • Special Thursday night Gem presentation with Kristie Zahn (see more below) 
  • Special Friday night Wine and Cheese mixer
  • Free packaging and gift wrap for all Gem purchases
  • Design service scheduling available for the Holiday Season


"Mind-Body-Spirit...and Jewelry" with Kristie Zahn

Thursday, October 19th from 6-7pm


Mind-Body-Spirit.....and Jewelry; Can wearing certain gems or jewelry designs actually influence how you feel at a much deeper level than you thought?

Ever wonder why you seem to be attracted to certain gems or types of settings? Throughout the ages, distinctive pieces of jewelry with specific gemstones were worn not only for their beauty but were thought to carry an energetic property or "medicine " that would amplify desired properties such as strength, protection or abundance for the person wearing it. Modern research on Mindfulness affirms a connection between what we think and how we feel... but is it all just thoughts in our head? And even if it is, do our thoughts really influence how we feel?

We will have fun exploring various opinions and lore on the energetic resonance of gems, their colors, their symbolism, and certain indigenous spiritual beliefs on their meanings. Our speaker, Kristie Zahn, has traveled the world, spending time in study at Ashrams in India, with Peruvian elders in the Rainforest, and with Native American medicine people learning the beliefs and nuances of spirituality. She is a Board certified chaplain, and teaches classes in Mindfulness and stress management/meditation in southeastern WI. She will share some interesting ideas on how wearing certain jewelry/gems might just enhance your well-being in surprising ways.