Finding Variety in the Halo Trend

The "halo" trend (encircling a center stone in smaller side stones) is as strong as ever! With that in mind, we want to highlight a few of our favorite variations. Click through the gallery below to see some unique twists on this timeless trend. All items pictured were either created by or purchased through A.M.S., so feel free to contact us with any inquiries!

Mothers' Jewelry for the Modern Mom*

*not JUST for moms!!!

Let's face it... birthstones are fun! Celebrating your unique FAMILY is even more fun!!! We get requests all the time for family jewelry that's modern, wearable, and won't remind you of anything you've seen before. Jewelry that not only fits into your lifestyle, but tells a more personalized story about your brood. Click through the gallery below to see some examples of some "not-your-mother's-style" Mothers' Jewelry.

Below is a list of traditional birthstones, each with a link to the page about the gemstone. Alternate birthstones are listed in parentheses for June, October, and December and (due to their harder and more stable nature) are recommended over the traditional for those birth-months, especially for ring designs.

Let Color Fall into your Autumn Look!

It's hard to believe it's already October! Along with a new month comes not only a new "First Friday" (October 2nd until 9p.m.), but a new set of seasonal colors to boot. Try adding some brighter burgundys to the stand-by oranges and siennas. A crisp bright blue or purple can be the perfect unexpected compliment to take your look to a whole new level! Here's a gallery of Autumn-inspired jewelry to punch up your Fall wardrobe: