Dazzling Fresh: Finding Glitz in New Places

Every custom project is different, and some are more different than others. We've gotten some fairly unusual requests throughout the years here at AMS, and our jobs are even more fun when we get the opportunity to take on new challenges. Check out the gallery below where we're highlighting some non-traditional ways to add sparkle- from a polished shark tooth or unusual minerals to faceted metal or alternative finishes, there are so many ways to shine!

Finding Variety in the Halo Trend

The "halo" trend (encircling a center stone in smaller side stones) is as strong as ever! With that in mind, we want to highlight a few of our favorite variations. Click through the gallery below to see some unique twists on this timeless trend. All items pictured were either created by or purchased through A.M.S., so feel free to contact us with any inquiries!

Mothers' Jewelry for the Modern Mom*

*not JUST for moms!!!

Let's face it... birthstones are fun! Celebrating your unique FAMILY is even more fun!!! We get requests all the time for family jewelry that's modern, wearable, and won't remind you of anything you've seen before. Jewelry that not only fits into your lifestyle, but tells a more personalized story about your brood. Click through the gallery below to see some examples of some "not-your-mother's-style" Mothers' Jewelry.

Below is a list of traditional birthstones, each with a link to the wikipedia.com page about the gemstone. Alternate birthstones are listed in parentheses for June, October, and December and (due to their harder and more stable nature) are recommended over the traditional for those birth-months, especially for ring designs.

New Diamond Trends

Diamond trends seem to change constantly! Here are just a few examples of some of our favorite new twists on the diamond classics. Click through the images to view each gallery.


The Prismatics

This grouping shows how much fun color diamonds can be! Every ring in the gallery above is set with only diamonds (the yellow, champagne, green... all of them!).  Yes, even those bright blue side-stones are diamonds! Both natural- and treated- color diamonds are the perfect way to add a lot of personality to a piece without compromising durability.


The Unique Halos

The Halo Diamond ring is one of the most timeless designs and is (arguably) more popular now than ever before. We're adding new twists to this classic design and loving it! The rings in the gallery above show a glimpse of just how much individuality you can add.  


The New Vintage

More and more we see a return to time-honored, vintage diamond design- but now with a modern, industrial edge. We're having a lot of fun designing with the juxtaposition of our contemporary style against the classic, dainty diamond set. The result has been a successful eclectic diamond style we never expected! Bead settings, micro-pave, and milgrain make appearances in this new-vintage diamond trend. It's diamond fashion that is easily added to (stackables!) and highly customizable!